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Visiting Chaplains

Our Mission:

To provide God's presence of peace for those disconnected from their personal support network.

Most of us are blessed with a support network. If you desire to be a bridge to wholeness for those quietly suffering with no viable network of support consider our Chaplaincy Program opportunity.

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Coaching for Life: Bi-Weekly Empowerment Sessions

Need a Coach? Let us help stir up courage within you and begin living your best life now. Our passion is to help you reach your desired goals. We coach and train while expanding your knowledge and understanding through a direct yet flexible approach ... direct in that we speak purposefully towards the future successes, yet flexible as we meet you where you are today.  For nearly 20 years we have served and empowered hundreds in achieving their goals and desires! Our purpose is to bring you to a place of wholeness in Body, Mind and Spirit. Let's join hands today and move forward to a better you tomorrow!

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Health and Wellness with text

Health and Wellness Coaches

Tom and Cindy have maintained over 100 pounds in weight loss collectively. They help support men and women to find solutions for their health and nutrition goals! Cindy is dedicated to regular workouts and a lean and green lifestyle. She teaches ways to build your plate for optimal success. Tom is dedicated to intermittent fasting and a low, net-carb lifestyle. Both Tom and Cindy are fully committed to there ongoing health goals and are happy to coach you as well.

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Insurance Pic MEDICARE

Insurance - Medicare, Health, Life, Disability, etc.

Tom is licensed in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Florida and Colorado. He loves educating people on their Healthcare options and especially helping Medicare recipients. Tom became passionate about this after seeing his parents go through medical bankruptcy in the early 2000's as they both individually were dealing with terminal cancer prognosis. His desire is that through proper understanding and education his customers will be better informed making better decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Call Tom today if you are turning 65 this year and getting Medicare. He will help walk you through all your options and help find the best plans for your situation fitting your desires. Tom also sells Under 65 Health Insurance, Final Expense, Life Insurance as well as Disability Insurance.

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Interior and Space Management Design

Cindy is an interior designer and space management coach. Her specialty is helping you effectively place the furniture and accessories you hold special in your home and showing how to better make your space flow. She also helps you to de-clutter from the things that do not bring value to you or your home.

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Do You Need Pastoral Care?

Tom and Cindy have been church leaders for over 20 years. They offer pastoral care as well as connections to ministers around the globe. Wherever you are ...

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