Hands Got Messy by Tom Boyd

Tom Boyd Hands Got Messy Charis Atlanta Charis Bible CollegeHave you ever witnessed or been a part of the “processing” of a deer or some other livestock?  Regardless if it is your first time or if you have done it many times the processing can be a little messy.

After Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden…who came looking for them?  Of course, God came looking for them.  Remember that, God came looking for them. Is there any indication from the scripture that He was prowling around angry intent on unleashing His anger for justice? No. Many of us have had this mindset as our default setting when we have messed up. We get this picture that God is so angry and ready to beat us or them and yet God knowing all that they had already done simply said…”Adam where are you?”

God was looking for a response from His beloved creation.

Adam stepped beyond his fear towards the Holy God he knew as friend and father…he stepped out wearing the fig leaves he put together which represents our own efforts (our own righteousness) to stand before a God we are not really sure we know.  God, in His love, mercy and grace, made them tunics of skin covering their shame. Have you ever thought how you make tunics of skin? I believe God right before Adam and Eve’s very eyes with love, mercy and tenderness killed, sacrificed, and processed one of His very own creations. With blood stained hands He made these tunics of skin and robed or clothed them, covering their shame. For Adam and Eve I think it had to be horrifying to witness but I feel certain that God wiped their tears from their eyes tenderly and with assurance of His love and care for them.

God did it for them. He covered their shame.

God always wanted to be with His creation, but His creation hasn’t always wanted to be with Him.  His love is greater than our love.  So many Christians today live in shame because they realize they don’t love Him like they should and they try harder and harder to do things that make them feel better about themselves (fig leaves knit together).   Instead we only need trust His goodness and think upon the great love that He has for us and step out from the bushes (the shame), naked before Him and allow Him to clothe us with His love and righteousness.  Give up your futile efforts and let Him love you.  First John says this…not that we loved Him but that He first loved us.  

I promise you, you will live the life you want with the power you need when you let Him love you first.  You may feel unworthy, but He has declared you worthy no matter what.  God loves you know matter what.

Click here to listen to this wonderful song by Don Francisco called Adam, where are you? … you will be glad you did.

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